Finding the Right Band

If you are looking for a london function band for christmas parties in eastleigh, wedding or event in or around the capital, a jazz band may well fit the bill. Most people like jazz to some extent, and the right set of musicians can mean the difference between a mediocre and an unforgettable event.

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The Right Music

Of course, you also want the music to be great too, and ultimately it is the quality of the playing as well as the chosen tunes that will make the event. There are different types of jazz, everything from Dixieland to swing, smooth jazz to bebop. You don't want the jazz band to be too specialized and playing improvised tunes which last far too long and which nobody knows. A good jazz band will play the standards, and keep their guests happy by sticking to mainstream jazz tunes. Some jazz tunes may be masterpieces of the genre, but if they are too obscure, your chosen group may not be popular.

Setting the Mood

However, the right music depends on the function or event you are hosting, making it just as important to find out a jazz group's repertoire. A wedding reception calls for something lively and upbeat, to ensure that guests are on their feet dancing, while background music at a picnic or corporate event might be something more sedate. Ideally, if you want your guests to dance, your chosen band should be able to play a mix of swing, jazz vocal numbers, Latin jazz and old style rhythm and blues. That might be a tall order, but it will ensure happy guests, regardless of the age range.

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Finding the Best

So how do you set about finding the best jazz group, one that will deliver just what you are looking for? First, ask your friends, neighbours and colleagues at work, as many groups rely heavily on word of mouth and positive recommendations. The classified section of your local newspaper is a good place to look, as well as online sites such as Craig's List, and of course you may want to ask around at some of London's jazz clubs and specialist record shops. Look for reviews on sites allowing customers to post comments, both positive and negative.

Don't Forget the Small Print

Once you have found the right band with the right play list, don't forget the business side of things. You want to hire a jazz band that is reliable and prompt in returning emails and phone calls. Of course, your chosen band should sign a contract, and you will want to make sure their fees are clearly understood, with no hidden extras. Discussing a cancellation policy is also a good idea, in the event of you having to cancel or postpone at the last minute. Finally, consider the logistics - how much space will the band need to perform, and will they be able to load and unload their equipment at the venue quickly and easily? Your guests may like loud music, but your next door neighbor might not appreciate it - another consideration.